Our hotel is equipped with modern magnetic beds - ensuring your pet the highest level of relaxation and health while visiting 'Le Chien'

The Golden Dog Magnetic + lair was found in collaboration with prof. Jerzy Janicki, the rector of the Institute for Physico-Medical Research and nominee of the Nobel Peace Price in 2010.

Dogs are endowed with a so-called magnetic sense and happily rest on lairs equipped with modern mulitigradient magnetic systems. Benefits of using such lairs are among others an improvement of blood circulation and metabolism. More oxygen in the cells allows a more rapid clearance of toxins from the body and consequently speeds up the processes of regeneration and recovery. Furthermore an increase in vitality and reduction in aggression has been observed. Magnetic lairs were designed for both sick animals as well as healthy ones as a prophylactic.

Regular use of + MAGNETIC products ensures:

  • a healthy and restful sleep,
  • an effective fight against joint and muscle pain,
  • stimulation of blood circulation,
  • improvement in bowel movements and kidney function,
  • provides comfort